Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Congressional Merit Awards

Students in fourth grade book club received their Congressional Merit Awards this afternoon for the hard work and dedication they put into their "Eye on Perspective" book club project. Congratulations to all! Students also celebrated their increase in reading stamina by reviewing and reflecting on their progress during the book club festivities!

Visit the project by clicking this link: https://tackk.com/1800kt 

Students also received their Book Club Memory Books today!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Google Docs Scavenger Hunt Winners

Congratulations to the sixth graders in Mrs. Macedonio's class who successfully completed the Google Docs Scavenger Hunt during their class' visit to the Library Media Center! Demonstrating their knowledge of Google Docs, Richard, Alex, Cameron and Allie can check the revision history of a document, restore a document to a prior version and share a document with a teacher or friend so they can view, comment or edit! Go Google Docs! 

Third Grade Book Club Takes on Daniel Boone

Who Was Daniel Boone?
Third grade book club celebrates the end of the year by finishing yet another book! After reading the historical fiction book, Little House in the Big Woods, students selected to read the biography--Who Was Daniel Boone? Daniel Boone was born around the same time Laura's grandfather was in Little House! While the students loved the historical fiction book because of the memory moments and descriptive language, they enjoyed the action packed adventure that the Daniel Boone biography took them on. From hunting his first bear at age 14 to surviving an Indian attack on his settlement, Boone's biography gave everyone a glimpse into life in the 1700's.

As a group, the students picked six crucial moments of Daniel's life that influenced him building the settlement of Boonseboro as well as being a frontiersmen to remember. The students then inferred, based on what they read in the text, the characteristics Daniel embodied during those six influential moments! They compiled the moments (with sketches) in the style of Instagram posts!

*Student Edited 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Book Trailers

Created by Haley J.

Need a good book to read over the summer? Watch some of the book trailers that fifth grader book club students created using the free version of PowToon in the Library Media Center with Mrs. Marone and Mrs. Zambelli. All projects are student edited.

Created by Olivia A.

Created by Kimberly W.

Haley is hard at work creating her next book trailer!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Superhero Visit

Fifth graders and the public librarians.
Two children's librarians from the Center Moriches Free Public Library took time out of their busy day to visit the boys and girls at Dayton Avenue to explain the Summer Reading Program. This year's Summer Reading program will start on June 22nd and prizes will be awarded by minutes read verse books read. Since the theme is superheroes, the prizes will include a superhero canvas bag as well as free books! Students can sign-up for numerous programs this summer including decorating a superhero cape and learning about the SCPD Canine Unit with their special police dog named Rascal! Let's have a "super" summer! 

The librarians even read superhero picture books to the students! 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Technology Club MVP

Third grader, Lara M. in Mrs. Rubin’s class has earned the Technology Club MVP Award for being a responsible and proactive leader throughout the eight weeks the club met. Lara has gone above and beyond by helping other students on the computers and by being a role model. She always made sure to raise her hand when she had a question or comment and treated the laptops with respect. Not only did Lara synergize well with her classmates in Technology Club while working on group projects, but she always came to club meetings with a big smile! 
Congratulations Lara!

 Read about Lara in the questions below.

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Song: Uptown Funk

Favorite Activities to do on the Computer: I like to research things because I make books with my sister Carleigh. We type up scripts too! And I like login games—Howrse where you make your own horse and take care of it. It’s energy has to be at least on 20 percent. I also like the game, Animal Jam.

Computer Goal: I would like to learn how to make my own fashion designs on the computer and get them shipped to my house –for free! Or I'd like to know how to make a 3D clothing printer of your own designs.

Favorite Subject: I am good at math, but I love reading. I’m reading “The Witches” now with Mrs. Rubin in class.

Dream Job: When I grow up, I want to be a horseback rider or an engineer. I joined Technology Club because of how much I want to go into engineering!  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The 3doodler 3D Printing Pen Visits Dayton

Owen demonstrates making a cube.
During sixth grade lunch recess in the Library Media Center, Owen demonstrated how to use the 3doodler 3D Printing Pen, which was a birthday gift. Owen showed a group of students and Mrs. Marone how to make a cube and stickmen with the device. He explained how to feed the plastic through the pen and all of the different settings on the pen. Owen passed around the objects he made to the students so they could see and feel them as the plastic cools instantly! Owen's advice for using the 3doodler--patience! 

The 3doodler pen is heating up.
Look at all of the different colors of plastic!

3D Printing in the Media Center

The MakerBot comes with five preprogramed designs.
Thanks to ESBOCES, the Dayton Avenue Media Center is able to pilot a 3D printer for two weeks! The printer, MakerBot, which does not require any additional software or a laptop/computer, will be on loan through the end of May in the media center for students to see the technology in action. Think of how the 3D printer will change the way goods are manufactured! 

The chainlink design takes about 22 minutes to print.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Fun with Finches

Watch the video above to see how much fun Mrs. Jordan's and Mrs. Damboise's class has had using the Finch Robots in the Library Media Center. Students learned the basics of coding and sequencing while becoming 21st century learners. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Family Book Club Starts

Students with their book bags.
Thanks to the Suffolk School Library Media Association, Mrs. Marone and Mrs. Zambelli were able to start a family book club program for its third grade students. Ten third graders are piloting the first family book club. Students received a book, a special surprise, a journal and all writing and drawing supplies needed for the activities. 

Each night students are to read their book club book with a parent or sibling to answer questions in their journals before, during and after reading. Three weeks after receiving their book bag kits, students and their reading buddies will attend a book club celebration in the Library Media Center. During the celebration, students will create art and technology projects related to the text as well as share their journals and receive certificates for their diligence. 

Students write their names in their journals. 

The inside of the book bag kit...

Family book club students are showing off their latest read!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Technology Club Members 2015

Technology Club is all smiles for the Yearbook photo!

For eight weeks, Dayton Avenue's third graders will meet weekly in the Library Media Center with Mrs. Marone. The students will learn how to become college and career ready in the technology realm! The final meeting will culminate with a Skype session with a high school robotics team on Long Island!

Taking Notes on Biographies

Students in third grade are working on using the Virtual Reference Collection for biography research and taking notes. The students learned how to access the database, PebbleGo, and then go to the biography section. After the students selected their topics, they shared with the class the reason behind their selections. Students were asked to choose a person they not only wanted to learn more about, but to pick a person who is a hero or has made a difference. 

After selecting their topics, students created their own graphic organizers mimicking the headings in PebbleGo. Next students learned how to take notes for each section by using bullets and abbreviations. Finally students cited their research so they could give credit to their source. Some students took their research home to work on their class project while others used their research to guide an entry in their writer's notebooks. Students will utilize this note taking skill again when researching animals and their adaptations. 


Third Grade Uses the Finch Robots

Students in Mrs. Damboise's and Mrs. Jordan's class collaborate together to code with the Finch Robots during their library time. Working in groups of two or three, the students learned how to program the robots using the keyboard to input a command. The students also added sound to keyboard commands to make their robots speak. Next week they will have the opportunity to draw with their robots! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Technology Club Winners

Congratulations to the third graders listed below who are the winners of the Technology Club 2015 Word Search Raffle! Please stop by the Library Media Center starting Wednesday, April 22nd to claim your prize.

Michael G.
Benjamin Z.
Aidan M.
Emily M.
Payton T.
Michelle L.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Finch Robots Visit Students During Spring Break

View a copy of a Google Slide presentation showed to launch the robots in school!

Six lucky students from Dayton Avenue were selected to take the Finch Robots home with them for spring break. The six students were asked to experiment with the robots and then share what they learned or discovered with the rest of their classes once school is back in session.

Congratulations to the four sixth graders and two third graders from Technology Club who were given this wonderful learning opportunity: Megan; Paolo; Brad; Logan; Michelle; and Tristan.